Erik Bont is an international photographer based in austria.

After business school, Erik worked in a bank job where – surprise - money was the predominating issue. Being Part of this capitalistic environment made him aware of the consequences this system brings about and how it affects him and the world around him. That’s when he started to question this superficially “perfect” system.

Erik soon realized that life depicted by the media is often far from reality and strongly feels the need to show these imperfections. The inhumanity of politics and how we ended up depending on money to experience emotions are topics that flow into his work. His motto: if the “real” world takes away emotions, I want to give them back to the people! By channeling the energy of his dreams, collecting and putting together fantasies and emotions to create his own world, he aims to illustrate that emotions are much more powerful than pieces of paper (money). In his work he trys to present himself as a human being, not a marionette of business.

In every photo Erik takes he aims to seduce the observer and make people feel the emotions that drove him to do it. He loves to shock, fascinate and amaze – polarizing with his work is his mindset.

'Emotions dominate the new world order.' (Erik Bont, 2005)

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